"Beyond The Sound

      There Is Silence,

      Beyond The Silence

     The Heart Speaks"

"After my first Satya Yoga class on Monday evening with Trisha,
I woke Tuesday morning with no pain in my body,
and a sense of freedom of movement."  LYN JOHNSTON.


Satya Yoga Beaumaris, is a boutique style studio in the Bayside area, and offers a unique blend of movement and relaxation, for women to unwind and feel nurtured. A place where you can put to rest your daily challenges, worries and troubles and be safely supported as your ‘Satya’ (truth) unfolds.

There is a radiance in all of us which is always present, but our lifestyles do not often support our radiance and health.

The practice of yoga and deep relaxation allows tension to melt away, and your natural radiant energy flow to come forward. I call this energy She-energi. A woman's She-energi naturally supports and cares, always inspiring by sharing ideas, experiences and our love of humanity.

Begin your year anew and experience amazing health with my unique Yoga classes. New to Yoga and feel unsure, lets chat about creating a private class to get you started. 



Your answers are written in your personal book of wisdom,

just relax and they will be revealed.






Telephone: 0425 720 049